Holistic: Destroyer - Survivor Training

Holistic: Destroyer - Survivor Training Packages:

HDS Allegiance Training Philosophy: “In every level and degree of life, chase chaos and embrace pain, for it is the quickest path of least resistance to exponential growth.”

Services: Trial Package: Package 1: Package 2: Package 3:
Initial Wellness Consultation Once Once Once Once
Custom Training Cycle One Month Cycle One Month Cycle One Cycle, Updated 2x One Cycle, Updated 4x
Corrective Training Videos 1 Original per Month 1 Original per Month 2 Original per Month 4 Original per Month
Custom Productivity Planner 1 Month Plan 1 Month Plan 1 Month Plan 90 Day Plan
Planner Mentality Meetings First Week First Week First 2 Weeks All 4 Weeks
Motivational Message One per Week One per Week Two per Week Three per Week
Educational Email One per Month One per Month One Every 2 Weeks One per Week
Accountability Check-Ins One per Month One per Month One Every 2 Weeks One per Week
Monthly Results Follow Up Once Once Once Once
Access To Trainer Limited Hours Limited Hours Designated Hours Unlimited
Pricing 1 Month for $100 $150 per Month $250 per Month $350 per Month
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*Trial Package can only be used once. If you wish to continue after the trial package period, you will need to purchase Packages 1, 2, or 3.

*Once package has been purchased you will be contacted within 24 hours to schedule the initial wellness consultation. Programs will be received within 2 - 4 days of the consultation meeting.

*Service explanations listed below


HDS Training is years of proven, experience based science grounded by the ancient stoic lifestyle philosophy of holistic wellness modernized and simplified into a hybrid mix of functional fitness & holistic life coaching that acknowledges you as a unique synergistic collection of internal forces to be trained, impacted by a set of external factors that need to be managed and coached.

This style of training starts every client on neutral ground by initially illustrating their relative insignificance to the grandeur of an infinitely vast timeline in an infinitely expanding universe. Then immediately and continually highlighting and emphasizing that we all have immense potential to become invaluable to others and to the world as positivity spreading, passion pursuing individuals through the choices we repeatedly make each moment of every day.

HDS Training packages are originally designed functional fitness / life coaching programs that focus on getting you maximum return out of all the effort you put into each day while keeping you directly on track with both short term and long term goals as dictated by your life’s mission! The programs are custom tailored for you from your goals as determined through an initial friendly consultation call. By first assessing imbalances and weaknesses, then using that knowledge with your goal strategy you can maximize daily energy efficiency and productive effectiveness.

With your passions clearly defined; your goals cleverly strategized; and your month to month, week to week, day to day plans to earn success clearly laid out, you are ready for action!

Service Explanations:

Service Provided: Value to Client: How it’s done:
Initial Wellness Consultation Initial meet and greet with wellness goals consultation. In depth break down of how selected package will work Video Call or Phone Call
Custom Training Cycle Custom made functional fitness training program conducive to your goals. Program is custom made once goals are set and then sent directly to you!
Corrective Training Videos Coaching videos made directly to answer any questions you may have. Making sure you get the most out of the program. Working on form and fundamentals, mitigating risk of injury. Custom Video recorded and sent directly to you. (Varying frequency depending on package.)
Custom Productivity Planner A vision clarifying - goal setting - time management – productivity program built around your dreams from the ground up. Program is custom made once goals are set and then sent directly to you!
Planner Mentality Meetings Meetings to help keep you focused. Inevitably there will be some mental hang-ups. These meetings are to address and work through them. Video or Phone Calls (Varying frequency depending on package.)
Motivational Messages Positive and profound messages uniquely written to you, there when you need them. Video or text message sent directly to phone
Educational Emails Continued education relevant to your current program cycles. Helping you grow mentally and get the most out of all that the programs have to offer. Original email written and sent via email (Varying frequency depending on package.)
Accountability Check-Ins Periodic meetings to make sure you are staying dedicated to your goals and discipline to the plan. Ensuring the success of the programs. Video or Phone Calls (Varying frequency depending on package.)
Monthly Results Follow Up An end of month assessment measuring your growth metrics. Showing us which areas are strong and which could use improvement. Allowing for even more efficient programming next month. Video Call or Phone Call

Disclaimer Note:
The successes of the programs (I.E. achieving intended goal results) are heavily related to the continued involvement of the trainer and coach. Although the product version of these programs will provide you with a unique guided plan, you will not have the access to the same resources or continued coaching and guidance of the packages necessary to receive the full benefit out of either program. Point blank: the quality and timeline of the results of the programs are determined by the frequency of interaction with the coach and client and the level of involvement of the trainer.

Refund Policies:

Client Testimonials

Kathryn “Athena” Allen, Age 22. Des Moines, IA.
"Graduate college, go to law school, move out east, and be successful. That is what I will do." This had been imprinted into every level of my existence from a young age and every decision I made was solely based upon moving me a step closer to achieving that dream. That was until I met Harrison in the summer of 2013 and he boldly stated, "You know you don't have to go to law school, right?". This short sentence quickly became the soundtrack to my next four years away at college. All it took was one person to shatter the confines of my own perspective and help me realize how I had limited myself by chasing someone else's dream. The options for what I could pursue and accomplish were limitless, but I had lacked the confidence and perspective to do so. "You know you don't have to go to law school, right?" turned into an opportunity to refocus my energy on building a more holistic approach to my life and find my own purpose. I had poured my passionless energy into someone else's dream for too long, and it had taken a serious toll on my overall well-being. With the guidance and support of Harrison, I was able to ignite my own passion, overcoming years of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual hurdles. By doing so, I gained a new found confidence in myself and my ability to productively progress each day to achieve my own goals. Since that intrepid statement four years ago, I have graduated from a private institution with honors; I have been accepted to top tier grad programs (pursuing my passions, not others); I get to travel the nation while I for a think tank; I have destroyed years of bad habits and unproductive routines; I have built the healthiest and strongest mind, body, and spirit that can endure and celebrate all journeys of this life; and most importantly I have started my own quickly growing business - KA:CMTD. This was created on the premises that individuals must be more committed to their goals than their comfort zones, building each component of a holistic life in order to ignite the flame of passion to drive them forward. It is the life coaching, personal training, and unwavering motivation Harrison has provided over the last four years that has built the foundation for what I am now able to achieve. "Not going to law school," seemed like a pretty crazy idea back then, but I would said it was the moment this life really began. As I continue to grow and evolve, tirelessly building my business, Harrison continues to provide sound feedback, support, and constant motivation in a plethora of ways. There is no one more qualified to help you walk through the flames of life and come out a heck of a lot stronger on every level.

David Lee, Age 51. Bedford, TX.
“I have worked out with Harrison now for almost 2 years and during that time I have changed my overall fitness level, posture, form and mental approach to training, working out and athletics.   Harrison is extremely knowledgeable and 100% committed to teaching proper form, muscle isolation, stretching and protecting your body while you exercise.   It’s important to him for you to know the why/what behind the exercise you are doing.   Many people go through the motions of lifting weights or exercising without ever really paying attention to what they are actually trying to accomplish which can lead to negative or less than perfect results.

As an active person and someone who has worked out most of my adult life, I have certainly spent my fair share of time in the gym but until I started training with Harrison I didn’t truly understand in a detailed way how using a disciplined form could impact my results.  While I had built strength over the years, I had also built some bad habits that led to problems with my posture, flexibility and range of motion.     With Harrison’s guidance, I’ve been able to achieve an overall fitness level, strength, posture and knowledge that is far and away better than I had ever been able to accomplish on my own in the gym. Harrison really subscribes to holistic approach of mind, body and spirit combined with knowledge and proper form that allows his clients to break through barriers that most have previously been unable to overcome, myself included!  He works continuously on the little voice inside your head changing the dialogue into “I can and I will”.

Christy Spivey, Age 41. Colleyville, TX.
“I started training with Harrison months before I was about to have three major surgeries in a year.  I wanted to be stronger in general and to prepare for my surgeries.  Harrison helped me maintain a baseline level of fitness throughout that ordeal, despite having to take weeks off from strength training, and now two years later I am much stronger. I can tell not only in the gym but in my everyday activities.

Harrison always makes sure my form is correct, and now I realize it was not always very good when working out in a group fitness class before I started personal training sessions.  This has made a difference, along with the increased strength, in helping a chronic lower back issue. I am also more aware of form in general as I go about my day, trying to counteract my body’s unhealthy tendencies.

I love working out with Harrison because, even though he pushes me, he amuses me too and makes the time pass quickly!  Working out with Harrison has also motivated me to add more diversity in my exercise routine on days that I do not see him and to start tracking my macronutrients.

I am really happy I started training with Harrison and hope to continue indefinitely!  It is so worth it because I know that it’s one of the best things I can do for myself as I get older.”

John Madden, Age 71. Colleyville, TX.
As you know we have been working together for three years now on a regular basis. It has been fun watching you grow and develop as a fitness trainer and a man. You have worked very hard with me in many facets. As you have matured you have gone from just being a trainer into a well-trained self-starter who can provide great service and knowledge in an array of services such as holistic wellness, life coaching and normal physical type training to strengthen your body. Your approach to working with me has helped me with my mental and physical wellbeing.

Your methods of training allow your clients of all ages to receive great benefits from your help. My birthday is next week and I will be 71 years old and still enjoy playing competitive tennis, golf, biking and traveling. I retired from my job as a National Sales Manager from a Manufacturing company based in Illinois about a year ago but still work for myself as a real estate broker occasionally. In my opinion I lead a very busy, productive and healthy life which is much better due to regular sessions with you. Working with you has allowed me to improve my athletic endeavors and keep me mentally sharp for the rest of my life.

Thank you for keeping me sharp.”

Jenna Heideman, Age 24. Nashville, TN.
“I’ve had the opportunity to watch Harrison grow HDS Allegiance over the past year. Harrison is an incredibly talented, driven and enthusiastic individual. He is a leader, and let's nothing stand in the way of successfully completing his mission. HDS Allegiance provides their members with all the proper tools and resources to help one discover his/her personal path to holistic wellness. When starting your journey to holistic wellness, it's all about finding people you can trust to feel passionate about you and care for your wellbeing. Not only is Harrison gifted in what he does, he works extremely hard to make sure you are successful in accessing your full potential and making powerful changes in your life. Harrison will help you decrease stress and sculpt the body and life of your dreams!”

Beau Anderson, Age 22. Arlington, TX.
Harrison has been working with me over the course of the past 19 months. In that time, so much has happened to me that it sometimes gets difficult to remember where it starts and what it has all become. When I first started working with Harrison I was in a place in my own life where I didn't feel a real purpose. I didn't see a road that I wanted to take for the rest of my life, and because of that I was losing my passion in life. Once the passion started to slowly slip away I realized it was time to make a change. This is about the time I moved to Arlington Texas and began taking on Harrison's services and workout programs. While my physical appearance and personal health and functionality were improving exponentially, that wasn't the difference I began to notice EASILY. I started to see the way his coaching and guidance was influencing the way I approached and viewed the world. I began to gain my ambition back. I started to rediscover my purpose, and most importantly started to dedicate myself to it. 

Harrison took me from a college drop out with incredibly limited direction, a lazy mindset, and not a lot to look forward to, and turned me into what I am today. Today I am now a manager and Marketing Director of one of the fastest growing Corporate Wellness Centers in the United States. I am now beginning to THRIVE in the professional world as a 23 year old, ex-college dropout with no degree or letter of recommendation from a well-regarded professor. I am now making more money than a lot of my friend’s parents, changing perspectives of people who told me I wouldn't be what I KNEW I COULD be. I am now in a position in life to truly make decisions for myself. I have a reignited passion for life and for my dreams. I get to wake up every single day and FIGHT the fight I want to be in. I get to accomplish goals and achieve lifelong dreams EVERY DAY. It's not easy to get to this point, and it won't be easy now that I am at this point, but it makes life WORTH LIVING. I owe so much to HDSA. My entire rebirth in life was started and cultivated by HDSA, without it, I would be living the cookie cutter lifestyle that so many of us are forced to lives. Forced by fear, forced by family pressures, forced by friends, forced by finances, forced by life to do exactly what THEY WANT with no regard for your dreams or passions. Thanks to Harrison's tireless work and effort, coupled with my dedication and trust in him, I am now living the life I WANT, and no one can ever take that away from me now.

Joshua Marquez, Age 21. Arlington, TX.
Prior to training and receiving guidance from Apollo (Harrison) I always talked about the goals and dreams I wanted to achieve in my life. I dreamed of being in great shape and expressing myself in music and art, but never took consistent action. I found that I was just running in place and settling for halfhearted work. I knew that I needed to change if I ever wanted to live my dreams. I needed a PLAN!

Since I've began to train and receive guidance from Apollo he has helped me learn how to take control of my life and become a leader by taking action today. We have wrote out my short and long-term goals for the gym, my art, and my music so I have a clear vision of my dreams. Planning my days to reach the goals I have set for myself has helped me build good habits. I find myself more motivated and less stressed knowing what I need to do day to day to pull my dreams into reality!

Stephanie Schroeder, Age 22. Crescent City, IL.
Over the past year, HDS Allegiance has helped me break all of the bad habits that were constantly dragging me down. I have become more motivated, more confident, and much more optimistic. HDS Allegiance has opened my eyes to a whole new world. HDS Allegiance is constantly encouraging me to find my best self and showing me  how to achieve that every day. Since working with HDS Allegiance, I have found the motivation and determination to get back into shape both physically and mentally. I've found the confidence to try things I never thought I'd try like meditation and yoga. I've discovered a fearless warrior I never knew existed and I owe it all to HDS Allegiance. Finding the motivation to turn your life around is definitely not easy, but HDS Allegiance is the best way to start. HDS Allegiance changed my life and if you let it, it can change yours too.

Heather Andersen, Age 46. Colleyville, TX.
Background: GM of chain gyms 1994 – 2002. From 2002 – Present, owner and head trainer at own Private Training Studios, Current Studio: Get Fit Personal Training in Colleyville, TX!

“Harrison has been an asset to our studio for over 2 years now. It has been a great pleasure watching him build lasting and genuine relationships with his clients while providing them with the education and RESULTS they came in seeking.

He truly is on a mission to have a lasting impact on this world, and that's apparent in every conversation he has. I am very happy to send people his way whenever I can. I believe Harrison's ability to relate, listen, and challenge people; will be what takes he and the client to their desired NEXT LEVEL!!!”

Christopher Johnson, Age 27. Euless, TX

“My backstory:
When I first began training with Harrison a year and a half ago, we were essentially starting from Square One since I hadn’t played sports or done any consistent exercise routines in years. No cardio, no weight lifting – I was 100% sedentary and simply kept my health in check through portion control and eating a balanced diet that excluded junk food. However, despite eating well and being a healthy weight, I was unhappy with the way I looked and how weak I felt in my day to day life.

I tried numerous times to start working out regularly, but was always intimidated by gyms or overwhelmed by the abundance of information when trying to research workout routines. A couple of times I even tried working with trainers at a major gym, but there was always a disconnect and everything we did felt arbitrary – they didn’t really seem to factor in my goals or explain what we were doing and why. A few times they even forgot appointments and it became clear that this was just a job to them and they didn’t care about helping me, so I stopped going.

As a result of my frustrations, I could never stick with anything and continued to be unhappy.

Working with Harrison:
Eventually, I decided to find a trainer with a more personalized approach who could help me get started. My search led me to Get Fit Training Studio, where I was put in touch with Harrison.

The difference between Harrison and previous trainers I had worked with was immediately noticeable; he had passion and enthusiasm for fitness and helping others. He took the time to get to know me, my fitness background, what my goals were, and actually seemed excited to work with me. As if that weren’t enough, he was also highly accommodating to my needs both inside and outside of the gym.

As we began training, Harrison focused on establishing a solid foundation for me to work from, focusing on form, technique, core strength, and posture. Like many overeager novices, I wanted to lift heavy right away but later saw the wisdom in taking a slower and more form-focused approach. As a result, not only was I able to get the most out of my workouts in a safe manner but I saw a difference in my day to day life; I experienced less pain in my neck and lower spine as those muscles strengthened and my posture improved. With that foundation having been thoughtfully laid out, I’ve been able to lift progressively heavier weights and do workouts on my own.

Harrison also realizes that physical fitness is only one component of our well-being and that our mental state also impacts our health. He has helped me ward off my inner critic and self-defeating attitudes, and he recognizes the potential that I don't always see in myself; he always pushes me to do more without allowing me to minimize my accomplishments. He motivates with practical, constructive feedback instead of lame platitudes and will tell you what you need to hear. Perhaps most importantly, he is always willing to listen and ask questions to ascertain where your state of mind is or simply to let you vent.

Results and moving forward:
This has felt like a huge turning point in my overall well-being. The results speak for themselves – in the past five months alone, I have gone from 15% body fat to 8% (losing nearly 13lbs of fat) and gained 7.4lbs of muscle. Those numbers shocked me, but they’re a testament to Harrison’s coaching and guidance. I still have a ways to go on my fitness journey, but I’m so thankful to have started it with Harrison and HDS Allegiance. Onward and upward!”