HDS ALLEGIANCE is a beacon of light activated in dark times to unite humanity through great change. Providing the unique education and training required to break the mold and reach a higher quality of life. A noble crusade leading ambitious humans to their truest potential today in hopes that they will create a brighter future for the humans of tomorrow.

Answered by the Founder of HDS Allegiance.

HDS Allegiance is the result of a blue collar worker who started to want more for himself than what the path he was on offered. Taking a leap of faith seeking growth, he forced himself out of his comfort zones and created a career out of his passions, becoming an entrepreneur. HDS Allegiance is that entrepreneur acknowledging a major problem: the negativity in society as it relates to the hindrance of success and wellness. He is fed up with the misery, mediocrity, and toxicity of it all and is actively pursuing a solution. The mission is to discover the fundamentals of success and formulate them into a system rooted in positivity and wellness, a system that anyone can follow regardless of their current circumstances or future ambitions.

By first challenging my own comfort zones and facing my fears in pursuit of my goals, I will discover and refine current methods of wellness and success. As I grow and network, I will learn invaluable life lessons that I will then translate into improvements for the training methods and programs that I offer HDS Allegiance clients.

HDS Allegiance is me as an eclectic warrior, businessman, and artist embarking on a noble crusade to put myself through the hard knocks of a dream chasing life in hopes of unlocking beneficial lessons that can be shared with you all, that we may be able to chase our maximum potential in both self and life together!

What is HDS Training?

Answered by HDS Allegiance master trainer,

Definition of Holistic: Destroyer – Survivor Training: “Becoming an eclectically skilled individual capable of conquering any test of adversity and able to thrive through any inevitable hardships along the life journey of actively pursuing holistic wellness and passionate success.”

You are not just a “body” to train but a constant balancing of internal forces which can be viewed as a spirit influencing a mind that is controlling a body, which as a whole is constantly dealing with emotions. Once a balanced state has been reached internally, one must then begin to align their life’s external factors with their balanced self. These external factors can be seen as our environments, occupations, and relationships. Once we align our lives with our self-balance, we are able to put our passions on our purpose and truly achieve our highest potential while living our deepest dreams.

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What is The Allegiance?

Answered by HDS Allegiance CEO,

The Allegiance is a mass scale experiment measuring and managing the ebbs and flows of the Human Experience. It is a growing community of dream chasers sharing their experiences, offering each other beneficial lessons, saving others time and pain. All operating from the hypothesis that out there exists a core way of living that anyone can replicate and which, in time, could provide anyone with the means to be both successful and happy while either currently living or in active pursuit of their goals and dreams.

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